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Back-end developer

12 reasons to join the Sitizens

Team Spirit

Great individuals, achieving even greater work. How good can it get?

Group Insurance

We have Sitizens covered from head to toe.

Gym Membership

With 50% off yearly subscriptions, our fitness game is on point.

Top tools

Whether you prefer a PC or a Mac, we give our sitizens the best tools for their success.

Unlimited fuel

Sitizens have access to almost 100 different types of coffee. You’re in for a treat.

1 dog

Who said a Boston Terrier couldn’t be a colleague?

Many 5 to late…

Sitizens take fun seriously. No jokes.

Build your career

We’re growing. We want you to grow with us.

2 x PS4

Work hard. Play harder.

Training & conferences

Want to learn about e-commerce in NYC? How about Marketing in San Francisco? Our Sitizens go where the learning is.

Social club

From volleyball tournaments to BBQs or Halloween crawls, the S.C. is all about community.

On the Plateau

This cycling and culinary hub makes downtown feel small.