At this stage, we help you define and target business prospects with the perfect profile for your brand when they are ripe for conversion. The bottom line is that we want every single dollar to be well spent. Using Search Engine Marketing tactics, including strategic keyword bidding, we target and track potential customers and boost your ROI!


We begin by delving into your client database and identifying the best areas for potential growth. We create and manage strategic contests aimed at your best prospects and boost your database. Your clients have fun and your popularity increases!

We also ensure that users receive targeted and relevant messages through pay-per-click advertising, and placing ads the Display Network, search engines, YouTube and social media. We showcase your products, turning queries into sales and attracting new customers.

Retargeting on social media and other web pages, we follow potential customers that have been on your website, to incite a purchase.

In parallel, we develop affiliate marketing campaigns that expose your brand to thousands of large affiliate advertising websites such as eBates, AirMiles and RedFlagDeals. You gain in exposure, solidifying your online presence while increasing your popularity. It’s a winning strategy on all fronts!

Pay per click advertising

We listen to your needs, learn about your organization, and help you define where to play and how to win by clarifying the best positioning, objectives and tactics to surpass your business goals.

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Client database growth

We create and manage strategic online contests to target your best prospects and increase your database while providing your users with a unique brand experience.

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Affiliate marketing

We can open your brand to exposure on large affiliate sites such as RedFlagDeals, Ebates, Airmiles, Aeroplan, RetailMeNot and over 10,000 more across North America.

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