Our front end Guarantees

The difference between a good front end developer and a great one is often a flair for the artistic. At Le Site, our team of front end developers are well-trained in delivering results that go beyond the functionalities determined by our strategists and designers. They add final touches that enhance your user experience such as roll-over effects, faster loading times and small flourishes that bring each functionality to life. We expect nothing less.

Responsive Websites

We’re strong believers in the power of mobile. That’s why our front end developers have been trained with a responsive coding skill-set for years. By making your Website accessible and user-friendly on all types of devices, we expand your reach and avoid frustrated consumers. With mobile continually on the rise, it’s an essential part to any online strategy.

Interactive Displays

Our developers know how to make information fun. They understand that finding new and exciting ways to make users interact with your content will have a positive effect on the overall user experience of your site. From creating contests that re-enact real-life scenarios to displaying information through fun roll-over or scrolling effects, they make every new launch unique.

High Performance

Our team optimizes every new launch for faster loading times, to provide a pleasant experience. We take into account page weight, total HTTP requests and network latency to optimize your critical rendering path for the fastest possible speed.

Wide Browser Support

Although staying at the forefront of technology has always been a priority for us, we also understand that the millions of users your brand interacts with each day may not always have the latest browser update or the most performing device. That’s why we test every site before each launch on a multitude of browsers to make sure that your content is accessible to everyone.

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