A successful business strategy is crucial to anchor an e-commerce website in a constantly developing world. But digital technologies and consumer behavior change drastically on a daily basis, which is challenging to businesses striving to remain relevant and generate greater results. In order to set up a strategic marketing plan that matches your business needs and goals, Le Site’s strategy experts listen to you and learn about your organization. They then translate your online marketing strategies into opportunities for success.


At Le Site, we make decisions based on strategy, combining business and digital goals, and using analytics to examine the impact of those decisions. All the elements of your new website are produced in line with a well-rounded offer of strategic services, including business, digital and marketing strategies. We work closely from the beginning of our partnership with you to determine the business needs and define a strategy adapted to reach your goals.

Following this preliminary analysis, our strategy experts provide support throughout the project, especially during the wireframe and design production, to ensure that each deliverable is in line with ultimate marketing strategy predefined with you, as well as best practices.

Whatever your strategy, our digital analytics experts monitor and compile data at every step, providing you with rich analyses you can base your next key business decision on.

In short, we broaden a project’s digital scope and convert each challenge into a revenue opportunity.

Business Strategy

We listen to your needs, learn about your organization, and help you define where to play and how to win by clarifying the best positioning, objectives and tactics to surpass your business goals.

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Digital Strategy

We translate your e-commerce and online marketing goals into a powerful, informed strategy that will turn every digital initiative into a strong opportunity for success.

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Digital Analytics

Knowing is half the battle. That’s why we aggregate and analyze your data so that you can spend less time gathering information and more time making key business decisions.

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