Objectives & Solutions

Create a Responsive Website

In order to reach a growing audience of online consumers, it was essential that Hatley adapt their website to cater to the increasing number of mobile shoppers. Our goal was to create a fully responsive website that would display beautifully and function intuitively regardless of the device on which it was displayed.

We created a fully responsive website that displays beautifully across a wide variety of devices. Users can shop comfortably and enjoy the full Hatley experience from desktops to smartphones and everything in between.

Improve Product Navigation & Display

Due to Hatley’s extensive collection of products, navigation through their inventory could be tricky. We needed to create a website through which users could move intuitively and find what they’re looking for. In addition, we wanted to create product pages that would do justice to Hatley’s incredible artistry and quality.

In order to provide that experience, we had to develop a mobile-first strategy for their site navigation, ensuring that their wide catalog of products was displayed in such a way that users would find intuitive and clear. Once we’d developed a full strategy for the architecture of their information, we concentrated on filling each page with strategically placed content and beautiful product imagery. A zoom effect allows users to get the full view of Hatley’s products and the several small details that make them so special.

Richer Content

Hatley is a brand that has so much to say. Their incredible story, their philosophy of creation and their commitment to the environment are only a few of the aspects that set them apart from their competitors. When delivering their new website, we wanted to make sure that all aspects of their brand identity were displayed in a clear and effective manner so that consumers could get a comprehensive idea of all that Hatley stands for.

We also succeeded in fully integrating the several aspects of Hatley’s identity that distinguish them from their competitors. A fun photo album on their “About Us” page allows users to interact with their story and discover it in a playful way, while the upbeat, creative design gives the entire site an exuberance of the whimsicial qualities that Hatley represents so well.

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