Objectives & Solutions

Educate Consumers

Given the wealth of new beverages that the Rivo™ system allows Keurig® users to make, we wanted to create a contest that would educate them about different recipes and uses for the system.

The contest we created for the Keurig® Rivo™ system provided a highly personalized, interactive experience for users. Participants were first asked to select from among a list of recipes which they then had to create using a digital version of the system. Once their recipe was complete, they were entered for a chance to win!

Create Excitement & Awareness

We were sure that once consumers were educated about the Keurig® Rivo™, they’d get excited about this RIVOlutionary system. We wanted to create a contest that would heighten that excitement and allow them to share their enthusiasm across a variety of social networks.

In addition to being an excellent educational tool, the contest generated a lot of excitement around the new system. Users could share their beverage on their social networks, or invite friends to join in the fun. Over the short duration of the contest, over 150K beverages were created, and over 33,604 shares were made across Facebook, Twitter and email.

Increase Traffic & Grow Database

As with any contest, the RIVO-lution was an opportunity for Keurig® to grow their fanbase and get to know their consumers. Our goal was to increase the amount of traffic on their site as well as the number of subscribers in their email database.

Our contest served as an opportunity for Keurig® to grow their client base and to get to know their consumers on a deeper level. The contest provided information about which beverages consumers enjoy most, allowing them to provide a more personalized experience for the espresso-lovers in their growing list.

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