Objectives & Solutions

Create a Website that Stands Out

As a relatively young brand who had already made its mark in the world of retail, Want was seeking to make a splash in the world of e-commerce with an exceptional new site. Our goal was to create a website that would convey the same unique qualities of luxury, wanderlust and adventure that the brand represents.

Want’s new website entered the world of e-commerce with a streamlined design and user-focused strategy that set it apart. Clean navigation, beautiful product imagery and a variety of inspirational and informative content have turned Want’s first e-commerce launch into an enormous success.

Cater to a Worldwide Audience

Want is inspired by the exulting discoveries that travel provides. As a brand that was born from discovering the world, they needed a site that could cater to several ends of the earth. Our mission was to provide a platform that would maximize their reach and allow them to interact with consumers from Montreal to Tokyo.

We integrated fun features that immediately stand out to Want’s audience of world-travellers and explorers. A section in the top navigation bar displays weather reports from around the world, and a “discovery” section features a curated exhibition of photography and art called “The WANT Wanderers”. Users can select their country of shipping from across the globe, making this website a true medium of travel.

Promote Discovery

True to the brand’s heritage, this site needed to surpass common e-commerce goals and to inspire travel, discovery and exploration. From new landscapes to luxury products, we wanted users to be fully immersed in the world of Want.

The wealth of content on this site has turned it from a typical e-commerce interface into a vehicle of exploration. Users can click to discover the materials used to make Want’s luxury designs, watch a video of their creation process or shop for the latest hot items. With lookbooks and press coverage available to all, we’ve succeeded in fully immersing visitors into the world of Want.

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