The Client:

Keurig® is the maker of the convenient one-cup coffee brewers that have revolutionized the way we brew coffee. Their name, derived from the Dutch word for “excellence,” is an indicator of the high quality of their products. Introduced in 1998, their innovative single-cup system lets you brew the perfect cup of gourmet coffee without having to grind, measure or clean up.

The Challenge:

With the warmer months approaching and their delicious Brew Over Ice collection growing, Keurig® wanted to create an online campaign that would raise awareness about the refreshing summer drinks that their brewers are capable of producing. They wanted a fun, interactive tool that would inform people about how to create a delightful iced beverage using their Keurig® brewer, and we rose to the challenge with vigor.

The Solution:

In order to give people information about how to create an iced beverage and still let them have fun, we decided to turn the process into a game. We came up with an innovative “Brew Over Ice” slot machine concept in which people needed to align the three steps of brewing an iced beverage in order to win great prizes.

The contest, complete with a beautiful design that is almost as refreshing as the beverages themselves, featured a full array of social sharing tools that were seamlessly integrated into the concept. Users were given extra spins as an incentive to share, giving the contest the “viral” aspect that our client needed.