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Google recently launched Enhanced Ecommerce,

an installation whose features go a long way to improve digital analytics. Whenever Google launches an update, our work is to adapt it as best as possible to our clients’ needs and realities. In the past months spent playing around with Enhanced Ecommerce’s new features, we’ve realized how awesome this plugin is. Most importantly, it allows multiple new analysis options. Here are a few of our favourites:


Enhanced Ecommerce allows drilling deeper at the products’ level, so that we can now get a  thorough overview of the performance of the conversion funnel for a single product. From a product being viewed on a catalog page to an actual transaction, all steps can be tracked and analyzed. Now, if a product has a lower checkout-to-purchase ratio, we can see it right away, try to understand the gap and start working on a solution!



Another useful feature is that the path to purchase is visually simple to understand (see above). More analytics capabilities are offered. For example, you can analyze each session individually or you can focus on abandonment for example. Time periods can be compared to previous ones, and you can segment on anything from a single traffic source or mobile-only.



Another funnel that was added is the traditional checkout conversion funnel. It used to be found under Funnel visualization, but we couldn’t measure eCommerce value unless we paired it with other reports. Now all the relevant information and segmentation capabilities are in the same report and ready to be presented.

#4 Marketing for e-commerce

There is also another improvement to measure your onsite marketing. All these banners, catfish, sub-menu bars where you are trying to catch the user’s attention can be analyzed and optimized. In this section, we can also analyze the performance of the coupon but implementation is a challenge.


These features are only a sample of the new (and old) tools to improve your eCommerce in Google Analytics.

If you’re looking to harvest the power of your uncollected transactional data through Enhanced Ecommerce, get in touch with us!



Raphael Calgaro