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After the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shoppers can finally take time to settle down and cross the rest of their gifts off their list. If you’re a brand selling online, the holiday season is the perfect time to showcase your products in a fun, cheerful way. Crafting happy holiday microsites has become somewhat of a tradition online! This year, we scoured the Web to round up the cream of the crop.

Keurig Holiday Planner

Party Planner

This year, Le Site helped Keurig make the most of the holidays by creating a festive scene that animates and changes based on the user’s experience. Through a photo montage and front end animations, the user is invited to discover different aspects of the Holiday Planner. Hovering over the dining table will make cakes and decorations appear, while passing over the Christmas tree will reveal a mountain of presents!

AllState Holiday Decorator

Allstate_Holida-BMZ4 (1) While this landing page  was launched last year, everything about AllState’s Holiday Decorator is amazing and could not be left out. The insurance company brought innovative Christmas cheer by creating an intuitive decorator tool complete with a light-stringing mechanism using Google Street View! Search your house and decorate your exterior like there’s no tomorrow!

Milka – Christmas Express


Milka’s animated experience takes place in a Christmas workshop, where you create personalized postcards. Designed as an eccentric and fun atelier lost in the mountains, the user goes through a playful process: painting a stencil, writing their message, adding a picture, filling in the recipient’s info and sticking a stamp. Finally, the virtual letter is sent and delivered!

The New York Times 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas and Guide — Movies Music Books Clothes More The New York Times

Once again, the New York Times has  curated the best gift ideas for the season. This gift guide showcases great front end animations and a slick colourful design. As expected, the copy is on point!

Ricardo: My Holiday Tradition

To celebrate the holiday season, Ricardo did what he does best: mouth-watering recipes paired with awesome pictures. The chef showcases his extensive knowledge and range of product through a series of useful tools topped by a snowy animation. We especially dig the partnerships with Etsy, La Crème and Canton to name a few.

Have a magical microsite idea for next year?

Send us a line, we’ll brainstorm over a nice cup of eggnog… Happy Holidays!