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Adobe Commerce offers exciting exclusive features such as customer segmentation, reward points, B2B functionalities and many more. Designed to enhance conversion and jumpstart sales, this eCommerce platform is all about versatility. That being said, one question remains: why should you choose Adobe Commerce over Magento Open Source?


 1. Large product catalog

We feel Magento merchants should look into the Adobe Commerce edition when they start dealing with large amounts of product SKUs. A good rule of thumb is more than 30,000. With Adobe Commerce, you also get Elasticsearch an on-site search tool that allows your clients to quickly filter and search what they are looking for on your website.


2. Reduce development and maintenance costs

If you decide to upgrade to the Commerce version, look forward to its useful out-of-the-box features: Page Builder, customer segmentation, gift cards, loyalty programs, abandoned cart reminders and many more. These same functionalities can always be integrated into the Magento Open Source version, but it’s more time-consuming and the integration and maintenance of multiple extensions (affecting Magento’s core basic modules) is challenging. At first glance, it may seem cheaper to choose Magento Open Source, but the development work can quickly increase as soon as you add additional extensions and features. In such cases, these costs can be avoided with the version of Adobe Commerce, which natively comes with a wide selection of eCommerce features.


3. Reduce time and resources

In a nutshell, the Commerce version offers more power and flexibility, which enables your business to spend less time and resources towards customizing your website. Also, when compared to the Magento Open Source version, the performance of the cache system is considerably higher in the Adobe Commerce version.


4. B2B business model

Adobe Commerce is specifically designed for the B2B business with native B2B functionalities that allow you to provide a B2C-like shopping experience. Its integrated B2B capabilities let you set up multiple tiers of buyers with specific roles and permissions, track quotes and orders and define purchase approval rules. It goes even further, where the buying experience is personalized with customer-specific catalogs and pricing and targeted content and promotions. If you sell products and services to other businesses, choosing the Commerce edition over Open Source should be an easy decision.


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