Meet the Company That Apple, Google, and Facebook Use to Run Their Meetings (Inc.com)

When you’re juggling a ton of clients, an unproductive meeting is the absolute worst. Enter “Do.com,” a service used by the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft to streamline their meetings. “Our research shows that executives spend an average of 23 hours a week in meetings” explains Jason Shah, founder and CEO of Do.com. “That’s a lot of time, so you want to make sure you’re getting a good return. Our product takes the most common problems in meeting culture and creates processes that systematically eliminate those problems.” Doesn’t that sound dreamy?


Robots.txt File Case Study: How Third-Party Directive Changes Led To Leaking URLs And Lost SEO Traffic (Search Engine Land)

Does your site suffer from unexplainable loss of rankings and traffic? It may be your robots.txt file, as it can have a huge impact on your SEO. “From the meta robots tag to rel=canonical to cloaked 404s, there are a number of problems that can lie below the surface, causing serious damage to your website, SEO-wise,” writes columnist Glenn Gabe. Hit the link to learn more about Glenn’s unfortunate discoveries and how you can prevent it.


Your Phone Is a Lightsaber in Google’s Desktop Browser Game (Engadget)

Between wrapping up holiday pages and creating content for clients, our staff party and Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting theatres, this week has been a pretty big one in the office. So when Google released Lightsaber Escape, the game that turns your phone into a lightsaber (!!!) work went to pot for a good 20 minutes while Sitizens geeked out over the awesome game.


Google Drive Gets Better Search, so You Can Finally Find That Goddamn File (Venture Beat)
Tears of joy may have been shed around many offices this week when Google Drive upgraded its search function which enables users to search by file type, owner or location. “Google also mentions mysterious ‘behind-the-scenes improvements” that will give you even better results for certain search queries,” writes Emil Protalinski. “To get more specific results, you can also search for shared files by file owner using their name or email address, as well as use advanced search options like the date a file was modified, words it contains, or who it was shared with.”


We’re very surprised only one person took the day off to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We’re also impressed that no one brought lightsabers to work today. Happy Force Awakens Day!