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The launch of Canac’s website this May came just in time for summer. As hardware & home improvement expert, the upgrade of their website was crucial to capitalize on this peak season and amidst COVID-19 where consumers are expected to spend more time on home improvement. Knowing the importance of timing, we have put all our efforts together for an early delivery of the website that was initially planned for later.


About Canac

Canac is the first independent hardware and construction materials chain from the Quebec City region with over 140 years of experience. They offer over 20,000 products across 24 stores and has distinguished itself from its competitors through its personalized customer service and competitive prices. Canac also separates itself through its service and expertise aimed at assisting entrepreneurs and do-it-yourself home builders. The company stands as a pillar in its domain and a reference of quality to those working in construction and renovation.


Canac’s eCommerce Challenge

With an aging platform with performance issues, Canac wanted a new website as part of its cornerstone to start building a complete digital roadmap. They wanted a solution powerful enough to host a product catalog with more than 20 000 SKUs and facilitate the customer journey across their website.


The Solution

Magento Commerce Cloud was the right choice for Canac to enable the power of the platform and giving Canac the potential to create unique and easy shopping experiences for their wide range of SKUs by facilitating product search and real-time inventory information for their customers.


Magento 2 Benefits for Canac


Optimization of the platform and adding a search tool to manage multiple inventories simultaneously and allowing to locate products by store optimized to the nearest location with the implementation of Magento 2 Multi Source Inventory (MSI).


An easier and faster way to create and deliver compelling product experiences, and management of all product information with the direct implementation of Akeneo as Product Information Management (PIM).


Overcoming peak traffic and performance issues with the deployment of Magento Cloud as a robust platform.


Fluidity in the user experience: detection of the nearest store, synchronization of inventories with MSI technology and connection of their ERP.


An increase in traffic by working on organic referencing (SEO).


Since May 2020, and just in time for summer, Canac was able to take advantage of its new website hosted on Magento.

View Canac’s website: https://www.canac.ca


The Expertise You Need

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