Job description

The system administrator position is ideal for people who like to solve complex problems. Your main goal will be to improve and maintain the quality of our network, insure the prevention of possible failures and the resolution of problematic situations. If you are ingenious and you shine under stressful situations, you are the person we need!

Things you’re going to do

  • Ensure the proper functioning of a shared, dedicated and virtualized web hosting server production environment;
  • Optimize the server’s performance;
  • Recommend online improvement options that are consistent with the latest trends in the industry;
  • Perform regular performance audits of Apache or Nginx servers, MySQL databases, DNS servers and security logs;
  • Process customer requests;
  • Respond to performance, availability and security issues on real-time servers;
  • Document recurring maintenance activities and train the team when needed;
  • Configure, optimize and activate new Linux systems according to specific customer requirements;

Desired skills

  • Experience in Linux server administration (preferably in the context of hosting ecommerce web sites);
  • Experience with cluster and High-availability cluster
  • Experience with Bamboo, Puppet,
  • Experience with Varnish
  • Experience with Redis
  • In-depth knowledge of the cPanel, Plesk and Webmin management systems;
  • Experience in Linux server management via the command-line (Shell);
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to explain a technical issue (or solution) to a non-technical audience;
  • Excellent knowledge of Web concepts such as DNS and IPv4 / 6;
  • Experience in MySQL system management;
  • Knowledge of PHP programming language.

We understand that not all the best candidates are looking for the same employment conditions For this role specifically, we are open to someone who wants to work on a full-time, part-time, variable schedule or even as a consultant. We will take the time to clarify why we offer this flexibility,  if we have the chance to meet you for an interview!

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