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Le Site announced today the signing of its newest client, Chantelle Lingerie. Chantelle, an internationally recognized creator of designer lingerie, has chosen Le Site to fulfill the commission of providing a strategic component for their online presence.

Le Site is a young but rapidly expanding web agency that specializes in creating innovative e-commerce solutions for which it has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards. The expertise embodied by Le Site has landed the company a variety of high-profile clients in the retail industry, among which Chantelle is an honorable new addition. Michael Bliah, President and co-founder of Le Site, says, “After all these years of developing e-commerce websites for Canadian and North-American companies, it is an honor to work for such a well-known, and especially such an international brand.”

Chantelle first started selling lingerie locally in Paris as early as 1876, but has since exploded to become a world renown brand. Even though there aren’t any physical stores in North America yet, the brand is carried by numerous retailers across the continent. It is to improve and maximize the interaction between these distribution channels and Chantelle’s rising community that Chantelle requires the e-commerce expertise that Le Site offers.

Le Site’s signing of Chantelle Lingerie is consistent with the perpetual growth the company has shown the ability for since its creation four short years ago, earning it a spot in Profit Magazine’s Top 50 Growth companies in 2011. With a new international client under its belt, Le Site is sure to continue on the path of rapid expansion it has set out on.