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We’re proud to announce that the launch of our latest online community has been a huge success.

Back in February we shared the news that Dannyco, the sole distributor of professional hair accessories in Canada, signed us to launch their new social media component and to manage their online presence. We knew even then that great things were ahead for our client, as our CEO declared, “they cater to an audience that is very avant-garde and heavily communicative.”

The response, however, was more than we could have anticipated. Only one month after its launch, Dannyco’s Facebook fan base had grown to encompass nearly 5000 people across Canada. Given that they cater to an exclusive community of beauty professionals, this number was extravagant for the 30-day period over which it developed.  What’s more, over 25 000 stories were generated about their brand via the popular social network over the month, which meant that their online reach was extended to nearly 2 million people.

Dannyco’s success could not have been accomplished if they were not already a known and loved brand within Canada, but certain aspects of the online strategy we helped them to develop were strong contributors to this success.

Their new page incorporates several unique features such as a weekly fashion blog and exclusive updates concerning new products and special promotions. We’ve also added a tab that features a chosen stylist each month, making Dannyco’s page an excellent place for professionals to seek national recognition in their field.

Within the first month of their launch, their page showed active engagement both in the form of likes and comments. More importantly, however, is the fact that professionals have taken to sharing their business cards and creations on the page, making it a dynamic community for professionals who recognize the value of sharing their own content online.