Business Strategy Process

Before diving into the business mandate at hand, our account executives and strategists want to get a thorough understanding of your unique value proposition. This acquired knowledge gives us the foresight needed to generate informed initiatives built around your organization’s stakes, while supporting a global strategy in the long run. On our side, a bottom-up approach ensures the success of our digital process.

Organization Overview

Our goal is to gain an understanding of your business vision and corporate goals. Collaboratively, we will revise and analyze your corporate structure, positioning, products or services and anything else that may influence the integration and leverage of our digital strategy. This rigorous consultation process sets the tone for a solid partnership.

Stakeholder Interviews

To paint a clear picture of your organization’s strategic path, we rely on qualitative interviews with your decision-makers. We believe meaningful one-on-one interactions give us the insights needed to determine your objectives and integrate them to the global strategy. Overall, these findings represent the foundation necessary to carry complex projects into successful completion.

Competitor Benchmark

After the analysis phase, we’re ready to execute! By this time we know who your consumers are and where they’re likely to drop off, hesitate or go somewhere else, enabling us to zone in on these crucial steps of the purchasing process and determine a strategy to turn them into conversions. We understand your current strengths and weaknesses and what the future of your business should look like. With all this information at hand, we create and implement a long-term digital strategy that answers to your consumers’ needs.

Current Situation Audit

At this point, our team knows your business inside out. The knowledge acquired paves the way to a deeper level of analysis, which starts with an exploration of internal processes such as IT setup, SEO tactics, marketing strategies and brand capital. When this audit is done, we are ready to move to the next step: digital strategy.