Our Client Database Growth Options

Your client database is an invaluable treasure that should be managed and grown accordingly. A qualified database of engaged consumers secures your brand’s foundation for lasting consumer relations and repeat purchases. When you consider the long-term revenue generated by every new email added to your database, the ROI of this investment makes it an obvious — and essential — part of any online marketing strategy. At Le Site, we offer customized solutions to quickly grow your email database, including interactive contests, website tweaks and promotional strategies that attract your best prospects and keep them coming back for more.


As the quickest and most effective way of growing your email marketing list, contests act as a viral tool to expand your brand awareness and engage consumers across various platforms. We offer several contest options, including customized Facebook contests, interactive micro-sites or online sweepstakes. In any case, we create branded experiences that inform consumers about your products at the same time as we engage them with an enticing promotion. Every online contest package includes PPC and marketing costs that help to spread your contest across the Web and maximize your exposure. The result is an engaged list of informed consumers who are aware of your brand and interested in your offers.

Website Tweaks

If quick wins are what you’re looking for, we offer that too. Our team of Web strategists will gladly look at your website and identify any missed opportunities for newsletter subscriptions or conversions. They’ll look at the user flow and identify key points at which people are most likely to engage, then develop a quick win strategy to optimize those points. This could include modifying the pop-up for first-time visitors, tweaking the subscription field on your homepage or treating subscription as an up-sell opportunity for buyers. Our offers include any strategy, content, design or development needed to implement these small changes.

Promotional Strategies

We offer strategy consultation to develop online promotions that will help to grow your list. Examples include special offers given to new subscribers, refer-a-friend programs and more. Our offers include any content, Affiliate Marketing, PPC or development costs needed to make your campaign a success.

Content Strategies

Another tactic commonly used to increase email marketing lists is withholding content and making it available only to those who subscribe. If this is a tactic you’re interested in, our team of copywriters and content strategists will gladly develop white papers and articles that are relevant to your consumers and that will entice them to subscribe.