Our Content Marketing Process

Content Marketing consists of providing users with useful, valuable information that builds a relationship of trust between them and your brand. Our experts are specialized in creating content for all types of online marketing strategies, including blog posts, FAQ sections, white papers, product descriptions and more. With our expertise, your brand will generate engaging content that is valued by your consumers, optimized for search engines, and representative of your company values and products.

Strategic Brief & Brand Definition

We’re strong believers in only creating content that serves a purpose. Before writing anything for your brand, we take the time to sit down with you and learn about your company values and goals. We discuss strategic decisions such as which content marketing options are best for your brand and what objectives you want your content to achieve, (higher search engine rankings, consumer engagement and more sales are only a few examples).

Research & Analysis

Once we have a goal for your content, we set to achieving it. We research your market and competition, analyze best practices in your industry and develop an effective content marketing plan for your brand. We explore different conversation starters, investigate top searched keywords in your industry, and work with our performance marketing specialists to discover where your consumers are active online, what they’re discussing and how they behave.

Game-Plan & Execution

We believe that good content involves more than just good copy. That’s why we develop a multi-team game-plan that includes expertise from our designers, SEO specialists and Web strategists. Together, we devise a plan to display your content in interesting and interactive ways, using performance marketing strategies to boost your search rankings and distribute your content across many different channels.

Testing, Optimization & Continued Publishing

Content Marketing requires a consistent, continual effort in order to keep your brand relevant and your consumers coming back for more. That’s why we help our clients by performing A/B tests and applying optimization strategies that will take their content to the next level. With every new white paper, blog post or landing page launched, we take away key learnings that allow us to improve the communication strategies used for your brand.