Conversion Rate Optimization PROCESS

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is at the core of our business practice. This method refines the experiences of users on digital platforms in order to engage a higher percentage of visitors and convert them into buying customers. Our environments facilitate conversion and leverage analytics to maximize the return of every digital interaction while creating a valuable user experience.

Data Collection & Processing

We aggregate information from several sources to figure out the opportunities for optimization of your digital platforms. A combination of traffic sources, pathways through your site, sales trends, keyword searches and heat maps allows us to optimize your online experience to generate results.

Hypothesis Creation

This process forms the foundation of the optimization action plan. Once the data is analyzed, we draw hypotheses based on the explanation of data points indicating missed conversion opportunities. Each hypothetical situation is then further tested so that a case is matched with its best optimization solution.

Platform Optimization

Our conversion optimization services focus on continuous improvements to the user experience and the efficiency of your digital business platform. Put simply, our CRO action plans are designed to achieve results and surpass your expectations.