Our Email Marketing Process

Email marketing helps keeps brands top of mind for consumers, conveys your essential brand message, and generates revenue. At Le Site, we offer a complete email marketing service that includes promotional consultation and strategy, editorial content, design, database management and deployment.

Development of Promotional & Editorial Strategies

Our strong knowledge of digital and email marketing best practices helps you develop a marketing and editorial calendar that will enhance your brand image and achieve sales objectives. We also take into account your customer segments based on purchasing habits, preferences, language, location and more, then suggest the right level of personalization to maximize relevance and therefore results.

Content Creation & Design

Once a strategy is agreed upon, we create exciting editorial content to showcase your products, engage your consumers and add value to your brand. Our content is backed up by a team of talented designers who turn every newsletter into a refreshing new experience for your fans.

Deployment & Automation

An intensive internal quality assurance phase, which includes several tests, precedes final approval and deployment. The same is true for automated email workflows and automated sendouts that allow for the lifecycle management of the customers in your database, ensuring engagement and results.

Testing & Optimization

We believe that every new deployment is a learning opportunity. That’s why we perform A/B tests with each newsletter sent, allowing us to identify which messages, themes and products resonate best with your audience. Every newsletter created builds upon our knowledge from the past, allowing us to continually exceed goals by setting new expectations.