Our Magento Process

Choosing the right e-commerce platform for your online store doesn’t have to be difficult. With a multi-store functionality that allows you to connect several URLs to one back-end, hundreds of add-ons available and a comprehensive e-commerce features list, Magento 2.0 is an easy choice for anyone looking to sell online. At Le Site, we have a team of Magento 2.0 certified e-commerce developers ready to help you build a robust new site for your store. As experienced digital experts, we can turn this powerful platform into sale-generating tool built specifically for you.


When we build a new Magento website, our developers work hand in hand with our performance marketers and digital strategists to ensure the success of your project. During the initial strategy phase, we determine your technical needs, the logistics of your operation and your current reality. This information will help us to develop a customized Magento 2.0 website that facilitates your operation and integrates seamlessly with your existing ecosystem while giving your brand the visibility it needs to succeed online.


Our certified Magento 2.0 developers turn your initial vision into a fully integrated, stable platform that will continuously scale to fit your needs. We leverage Magento’s capabilities entirely, giving your e-commerce team a robust tool and exposing your online customers to a superior shopping experience.

Third-Party Integration

Once the basic functionalities have been built, we start customizing your site so that it meets the needs and requirements of your company’s unique reality. From simple add-on modules to a direct connection with your ERP, Magento 2.0 lends itself as a malleable platform, and we’re experts at tailoring it into the perfect solution for you.

Testing & Optimization

Before every launch, we do stress tests and quality assurance to make sure that your new site can handle a large volume of traffic and is bug-free. It is during this phase that we also integrate optimization tactics that will help generate traffic and conversions for your new site. By the time we launch, your new Magento 2.0 Website is ready for business!