Our SEO Process

At Le Site, our SEO specialists work in conjunction with our Content and IT departments, helping uncover several opportunities to increase organic traffic, clicks and conversions on your site. We then focus on an outreach program that connects your brand with a network of thousands of social influencers and their loyal readers, creating mentions, likes, shares and external links that contrinute to rank you higher for your competitive keywords, leading to a boost in your qualified organic traffic.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Every project begins with a solid keyword research and an analysis of your current website. This high-level analysis allows us to identify optimization opportunities, look for low-hanging fruits as well as longer-term opportunities, and establish a cohesive tactical plan to increase your organic traffic.

On-site Optimization Phase

“On-site” optimization refers to all the tweaks and changes we will make to your website. This includes new landing pages, optimized product descriptions, new URL structures, meta tags or internal links, which will get you more exposure on top search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Off-site Optimization Phase

Outreach initiatives with our private network of influencers and top bloggers increase your number of brand mentions, external links, likes and shares across various internet platforms. The result? Your brand reaches its target audience through trusted sources and organic searches, giving you credibility and exposure that creates lasting consumer relationships.

Exceeding Goals & Refining the SEO Strategy

Once we’ve reached optimal click-through rates and desired rankings for your targeted keywords, it’s time to refine your SEO strategy by addressing new targets. We monitor your SEO performance in real-time so that we can re-adjust our tactics and keywords in order to maximize your return and reach your business objectives.