Web Design is not just about how something looks or feels, it’s also about how something works. A good e-commerce design makes your site feel intuitive to users, allowing them to navigate with ease and find everything they’re looking for. User Experience takes into consideration what your consumer journey is, turning a typical online transaction into a refreshing new experience that is easy, pleasant, and beautiful to boot.

Strategic Brief

During this phase, we determine the goals for each page of your digital asset, identify where your key conversion opportunities are, and define what you want to convey as a brand. We work closely with our clients and our team of Digital Strategists to determine the user flow and to create a website that responds to the purchasing journeys of your different consumer personas.

Sketching & Prototyping

Once goals and strategy are defined, we’re ready to start brainstorming. During this phase, we continuously collect your input and use it to develop a final product that corresponds to all your vision and needs. We create clickable wireframes that allow you to get a feel for your future site and to test the User Experience firsthand.


The moodboard is a collage of all the key concepts, images, and visual identity elements that will constitute your digital asset. We specialize in highly effective and inspirational moodboards that will allow you to get a real grasp of the look and feel of your project.

Design Iteration

This is where the fun happens. We add small details and finishing touches that make your website unique, crafting an overall look that is consistent and beautiful while achieving all of your strategic goals.