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Hello again! Last time, we shared with you a number of quick wins to rock the holiday season. Today, we have even more tips for you! Here’s part II.


Once your customers and prospects are surfing your website, it’s all about offering the best customer experience in order to create conversion.

  • Mobile: Sales on mobile devices now represent for 30% of US eCommerce revenue and are growing fast.
    • Know your stats: did you know the average mobile conversion rate is 0.8%? How do you compare with your own mobile site? There is always room for improvement.
    • Look at what drives conversions on desktop: if on-site search drives conversion, it needs to be obvious and consistent in the mobile version.
    • Let them get out of the door as fast as possible: Checkout needs to be as short and easy as possible. If your actual process has more than 2 steps, consider shortening it to only have 1 to 2 pages.

mobilconversion Conversion rate optimization: Don’t have time for A/B testing? Don’t worry, there are a few tactics to prepare for the holiday season through Conversion Rate Optimization:

  • Add a value proposition (such as free shipping, easy returns, express delivery, etc) in the buy box: reminding consumers of the free shipping or the exclusive products offered online can entice consumers to buy.
  • Make the “Add to Cart” button pop by using a different colour than the rest of the page.
  • Add a “Secure Checkout” message at the beginning of the checkout funnel to reassure the user that their personal information is safe.
  • Design & Content: No need to completely revamp your website look, just apply these small tweaks to be more relevant to customers.
    • Add a countdown to Christmas based on the number of days left for orders to be shipped on time.
    • Reiterate free shipping and easy returns.
    • Create and tailor content for different personas, to resonate with a range of customers.
    • Show your holiday spirit: if you’ve got limited time, simply add small holiday-related details such as a Santa hat on your logo and changing the background colour of your website to a more festive one.

“Add a countdown to Christmas based on the number of days left for orders to be shipped on time”


Build a strategy for those who have left your website, with or without making a transaction.

  • Abandoned cart: with open rates as high as 67% and conversion rates of 14%, we have seen record-breaking stats from successful Abandonment Cart emails we have run for our clients. It’s always a good idea to remind your customers that they have forgotten something.
  • Thank you email: Don’t forget to thank your customers for their purchase(s)! Research shows that  Thank you emails are twice as engaging as general marketing emails, so use this opportunity to invite customers to promote social sharing, to cross-sell or to ask for reviews.

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Rym Benchaar  | Lead Strategist


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