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What if online shoppers didn’t have to login to their account every time they made an online purchase?

It’s now possible thanks to the creation of a new powerful Magento extension developed by Rafael Corrêa Gomes, IT Director at Le Site. This improvement was submitted for the Magento Innovations Lab.



Magento Credential Management extension for a Seamless Sign-In Across Devices

Everyone is familiar with the traditional account login process inside online stores. This process may create frustrations for some users especially when they can’t remember their password and username.
With the Credential Management API extension for Magento 2, users can automatically log in without being prompted for their account credentials. They can add a product to the cart or access the checkout page without ever navigating to the login page.
Users may see the login page only the first time they visit the website.  From then on, they can access their account or go through checkout without ever being prompted for their credentials.
This is now possible due to the integration between a new sign-in solution that has been implemented by browsers and Magento 2; it works through a module that enables any store to have the latest browser functionality integrated faster.


A Game-changer in the User Experience

This new Credential Management API extension, allows for a fast integration between Magento 2 and browsers, where users don’t need to see the login page, don’t need to remember passwords and don’t need to type anything to login into a store. It’s a game-changer in the user experience by offering a seamless sign-in process for clients.


Get to Know Rafael

Rafael Corrêa Gomes is the IT Director at Le Site. Passionate about eCommerce solutions and open source technologies, he has been leading teams, sharing knowledge, and working across different countries for more than 10 years. Rafael is a Magento Master 2018, 2x Innovation Lab winner, Magento Meetup São Paulo organizer, and Top 50 Contributors in 2017, 2018, and 2019.


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