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It’s no secret that we like to travel the world. Anyone who follows our Facebook page has seen pictures of “Sitizens” across the globe, scribbling our company name in the sand of beautiful beaches or holding our logo up for foreign landscapes to see.

But did you know that we also enjoy learning new things, and bringing that knowledge back to our clients to keep them way ahead of their competition?

Well, this March our two favourite things come together. Two of our team members are saying goodbye to the biting cold of Montreal and heading down to San Francisco, where they will gather knowledge from industry leaders around the world and bring it back home to us.

The Ad:Tech conference is held on March 26th & 27th,  featuring prominent keynote speakers such as Tim Armstrong, Ryan Holmes and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. Yeah, that’s right. Puff Daddy. He launched RevoltTV in 2013, a multi-genre, multi-platform music network, and he’ll be talking about how his new enterprise thinks about content distribution and curation. We know, it sounds awesome.

And guess what? You can be part of the adventure. Follow us on Facebook to see exclusive pictures from the event, or come back and visit us at the end of the month. We’ll post a blog article to recap the key learnings from the conference.

For now, join us in saying goodbye to Rémi Turcotte, Head of Performance Marketing, and Rob French, Head of Affiliate Marketing. Bon voyage, les amis!

Will you be attending the conference as well? Email Rémi and Rob at [email protected] to book a time to meet up!