Magento 1 to 2 migration with integrated PWA

If you are planning to migrate to Magento 2, you should take a moment and consider adding an integrated Progressive Web App (PWA) at the same time. Both Magento 2 and PWA uncover a new range of possibilities for eCommerce. But the real magic begins when the two are joined in a combo where Magento 2 provides the back-end, and PWA acts as a user-facing front-end.

In this eBook, you will understand the essential features and benefits offered by Magento 2 and PWA. Le Site’s Magento experts take you through everything to consider, from understanding if upgrading to PWA while migrating is right for you, how to plan a migration and an outline of the migration roadmap from Magento 1 to Magento 2 with an integrated PWA. In partnership with Scandiweb, Le Site developed this complete guide for all current merchants on Magento 1 who are considering PWA.

What’s inside

  • PWA: What you need to know
  • Migration: pros & cons
  • Things to keep in mind before the migration
  • How to choose the right team
  • How to plan the migration
  • Migration roadmap
  • What to do after the migration