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On April 21st, as Adobe approaches the third anniversary of their acquisition of Magento Commerce, they announced that they are now officially consolidating the branding of the licensed commerce product from Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud to the single brand of Adobe Commerce.

Magento Open Source branding and support remain unchanged. Adobe continues to support the Magento Association and its global Magento community.

Adobe has made tremendous progress in accelerating its product roadmap and leveraging its incredible scale to serve more customers across every industry. After integrating their sales, marketing, and product teams within the Adobe Experience Cloud business unit and aligning their partner and developer experience efforts, uniting the two brands under one commerce umbrella was the natural next step of their integration.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the expanded Adobe digital experience ecosystem. We look forward to discovering the next commerce innovations that Adobe will be bringing in the future!

Magento Commerce Laptop Demo