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We recently wrote about 3 good reasons to consider the Magento Enterprise Edition for your business. Today, we wanted to expand a little more on what makes Magento Enterprise a great choice for your e-commerce business!

Magento Community, as many of you know, is a free, open-source, platform available to anyone on the Web. Its modular construction that’s plugin/extension-friendly and easy to upgrade makes it an ideal choice for any e-commerce website platform. Not only that, it’s designed for marketing, SEO and reporting, with options such as multiple storefronts, coupon codes, discount modules, cross-selling and upselling options.

Based on the success of the Magento Community platform (over 24,000 sites use it!), the folks at Magento developed Magento Enterprise Edition, an e-commerce platform that caters to the needs of larger clients.


Magento Enterprise

While similarly adaptable to the Community version, Magento Enterprise includes additional features that enhance reliability and security. The platform grows as you do, offering flexibility at the front-end, which allows delivering consistent brand experiences and reducing site maintenance. In short, It’s not just software!

Magento Enterprise comes with exclusive features that are grouped under specific themes:

  • “Dynamic marketing and merchandising”, which includes visual merchandising, content management and customer segmentation.
  • “Increased customer loyalty” through a reward points system, store credits, private sales, and more.
  • “Powerful performance and scalability” with MySQL cluster support, multiple master servers  to support checkout, order management, and product data.
  • “Extensive management tools” such as enabling your users to get their Return Management Authorization (RMA) directly from your website and make their returns easier and faster. Google Tag Manager is also available, so you can track your audience, monitor your retargeting, search engine marketing and personalization.
  • “Mobile”: The Magento Mobile Software Development Kit helps support all Magento features and offers sample apps that can be customized for enhanced development.

Of course, the best way to compare the two products is side-by-side, so check out the two tables below for an informed decision!



Catalog Small catalogs

< 5,000 products

Medium and large catalogs

> 5,000 products

Indexing Normal

  • slowed by amount of information
Very fast (3 times faster than community)

  • indexing operation that runs in the background
  • 83% performance increase in full re-indexing
  • partial indexes
Page load time


  • Normal cache
  • 5 to 8 sec for heavy pages
Very fast

  • full page caching
  • 2 to 3 sec for heavy pages
Tax calculation
  • Rules based on geographic location
  • Possible integration with third parties
  • Rules based on location, type of product, type of customer, type of tax…
  • Possible integration with third parties
Private sales

(for specific groups or segments of clients)

Extension needed Feature provided
Loyalty program

(Not refer a friend)

Extension needed Feature provided
Refer a friend Extension needed Feature “reward points” provided, but need customisation.

(return management authorization)

Extension needed Feature provided
Cross-sell / Up-sell / Recommended products Manually for each product Dynamic rules based product relations
Store credits Extension needed Feature provided
Multiple visits Extension needed Feature provided
Payment gateway
  • Paypal
  • PayPal Payment Solutions
  • Payment Bridge
  • Ogone Direct Link
  • PSi Gate
  • Sage Pay Direct
  • Authorize.net
  • Braintree
  • Worldpay
  • First Data Global Gateway Web Service API
  • Paybox Direct
  • eWAY Direct
  • Cybersource (SOAP Toolkit)
  • Ogone
  • Payone Direct Debit
  • Payone.de
  • DIBS Payment Services
  • Magento Community Edition Payment Gateways
  • Cash on delivery
  • PCI DSS Standards compliance
  • User role restriction per website sections
  • User role restriction per website sections
  • User role restriction per websites and store views
  • Admin log history
  • Not included
  • Included



Community Enterprise
Code-level access
Web Services API
Mobile HTML 5 theme pre-integrated
API integration
Mobile stores
Multiple store views
Advanced administrator roles
Persistent shopping cart
Flexible pricing rules
Analytics and reporting
Layered navigation
International commerce and multiple languages
Shipping rules, payment configurations and gateways
Product configurations
Up-sells, cross-sells and related products
Flexible couponing and promotions
Customer accounts management
Order management
Advanced customer segmentation and targeting
Private sales, events, invitations
Gift registry and gifting options
Reward points
Advanced Return Management Authorization (RMA)
Staging, merging and rollback for content
Store credits
Enhanced catalog and content management system
Price and promotion permission
Full-page caching
Minimum advertised price
Call center with assisted shopping
Solr Search
Technical support
Built-in security

So, what do you think? Is your business ready for Magento Enterprise Edition?