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We’ve grown so much since our humble beginnings in 2007. Since then, we’ve worked alongside prominent brands such as Keurig Canada, RUDSAK, Trudeau, Jack & Jones, BrandSource and iStore. With quick growth and major changes every step of the way, Le Site has become a pioneer in Magento platforms.

Our president, Michael Bliah, refers to us as “ambassadors of the e-commerce revolution.” Not only are we committed to delivering the latest and greatest advancements in e-commerce to our clients, we also make sure our team is always equipped with the utmost knowledge in our field.

We have already invested over 100 hours in training on this new and exciting e-commerce platform and are one of the few Canadian partners to master the Magento 2.0 environment!


We decided to share the knowledge and passion we have for Magento by putting together a magazine, aptly named MAGento. Yes, we are quite witty, aren’t we?

Within the magazine you will find beginner-friendly information on security issues, HTML, SEO and a two great case studies on iStore and Jack & Jones.

Enjoy your read!