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What if we told you that you could, in one night, add 30 new countries to sell in and 11 new currencies to make payments and order management easier? It’s exactly what we did for Moose Knuckles by integrating eShopWorld into their Magento 2 Commerce Cloud platform!

The Challenge

Already well established in North America with a presence also across the world in Europe and Asia, Moose Knuckles wanted to accelerate its growth in the European market. But delivering internationally with high sales volumes is no easy task. Many factors such as currencies, delivery systems, return management, import taxes, and fees have to be taken into account. Offering high-quality products to its clients, it was also important for Moose Knuckles to deliver the same level of customer experience regardless of where the buyer is located.


The Strategy

In order to succeed and simplify their expansion into new European countries, Moose Knuckles turned to Le Site to support them in this global project with the integration of their Magento 2 Commerce Cloud eCommerce platform to eShopWorld. eShopWorld is an all-in-one technology solution that enables brands to sell online to global markets by simplifying the operations management system, pricing, and customer service. The platform allows Moose Knuckles international customers to have a local experience throughout the buying journey, from checkout to returns.


The Execution

Integrating eShopWorld into their Magento 2 platform was a complex task that involved collaboration from all departments within Moose Knuckles, eShopWorld, and Le Site. Thanks to our many years of experience with Magento, we successfully ensured the integration of the two platforms while customizing various functions to better reflect Moosle Knuckles specific needs. Among the important features were the integration of the connection of their Momentis ERP and the synchronization of purchase order data.


The Final Result

The program went live ahead of the peak shopping season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 to take advantage of this key period. Thanks to the integration of eShopWorld with their Magento 2 eCommerce platform, Moose Knuckles will now be able to meet its growing international demand. In addition to offering its customers:

A seamless web experience

Moose Knuckles’ online shopping experience is seamless, with no indication that a partner is working behind the scenes to provide a smooth and familiar experience by converting currency, displaying local pricing and taxes while providing a frictionless flow at checkout.

Local and consistent pricing

11 new currencies, as well as local payment methods, have been added to Moose Knuckles’ website to facilitate transactions. Taxes and shipping costs have also been taken into account to determine consistent prices without surprises for customers in these new markets.

Unparalleled customer service from purchase to return

Thanks to the integration with eShopWorld, Moose Knuckles can provide personalized customer service in multiple languages. Their orders are now handled in European warehouses and delivered by local carriers which allow customers to benefit from delivery times and easy returns.


Not only is Moose Knuckles benefiting from a robust eCommerce platform with Magento 2 Commerce Cloud, but it will also be facing towards the future with an even greater global presence through the integration ofeShopWorld. Europe now has no limits for this fashion giant!