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Our boys have done a formidable job with throughout the month of Movember, amassing a total of $692 in funds to fight prostate cancer. For those of you who contributed toward this amount, we thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Alas, with good news we must also deliver the bad. We regret to inform you that the effects of Movember have, unfortunately, been slightly detrimental to the members of our team. Observe:


Affected by the growth on his face, JP has taken a sudden liking to poetry, and has even begun reciting some of his own around the office. His latest creation:

“Water flowing freely,

Searching through the wind,

Two robots move briskly,

Pure metal hearts within.”

What does that even mean? We don’t know, but we’re hoping that the removal of the source of his newfound inspiration will stop this nonsense.


Elazar has taken the ‘stache to a new level, recently referring to it as his “wingman”. Watch what you do with that sly smile, young man!

Claude has had the worst of it this month, given that his mustache has proven to be a poor competitor to the thick masses of facial hair that other office members have grown. In a strenuous mental effort to urge his pitiful ‘stache to grow, he seems to have over-exerted his thought capacities, resulting in a perpetual state of confusion.

Mike has grown angry.

Mathieu hasn’t yet grown used to the strange new presence on his face. As a result, he experiences a slight shock every time he catches a glimpse of himself in a window or in the reflection on a computer screen.

Viewing the thickness of his mustache as a strong indicator of his manliness and maturity, David has grown into an arrogant older gentleman who likes to make statements about how “kids today have no respect” and “people had class back in the eighty’s”. He’s also taken to drinking scotch and referring to his many leather-bound books and the smell of rich mahogany in his apartment.


Needless to say, the freshly shaven faces on Monday will be a refreshing new start for our crew. We’re beyond ready to put the strange effects of Movember behind us…. Until next year.