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Ok, we’ll admit it: Even our team of exceptionally good-looking Web professionals can’t pull off a mustache. At Le Site, our outrageously high aesthetic standards cause us to discriminate against mustaches during 11 months of the year. Yet every first of November, as if to answer Halloween by creating an annual event that is ten times scarier and lasts thirty days longer, Movember rolls around.

We’re willing to come right out and admit that we think Movember is scary. That’s right, we said it. Ghosts and goblins be damned, Movember creates a terrifying alternate reality in which all members of the male species look like the creepy versions of themselves that would exist if Tim Burton had created the universe.

Nonetheless, Le Site is NEVER one to back away from a challenge. We thrive on new opportunities to innovate and create, or in this case, donate. We will happily combine our creativity and extreme “hipness” to become significantly less attractive versions of ourselves. We do it in the name of charity.

If you would like to donate to our team, or if you simply want to follow our updates and laugh at our team members, we strongly encourage you to follow us on Facebook or visit our Movember page. In the very least, we promise you a consistent source of entertainment. From handlebars to horseshoes, our ‘staches promise to be as creative as they are hideous.