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Dannyco is a well-renown name amongst Canadian hairstylists and beauty connoisseurs. The brand is the sole distributor of professional hair accessories in Canada, and they have chosen Le Site to manage their online presence and strategy.

Le Site provides specialized services that have helped a variety of high-profile clients increase the quality and engagement of their online communities. In today’s age, companies realize that strategy and maintenance are key factors for creating an online presence that will keep them relevant to their consumers, as well as create brand awareness and nurture brand loyalty. This is why the services offered by agencies like Le Site have become essential as of late.

Dannyco is Canada’s national go-to distributor for all professional quality hair accessories. They represent a number of high-quality brands such as ConAir and BabyLiss, and they cater exclusively to salons and stylists. Le Site has the mandate to manage their social media strategy through popular venues such as Facebook and Twitter. Co-founder and CEO Michael Bliah reveals, “What’s exciting about this client is that they cater to an audience that is very avant-garde and heavily communicative. We look forward to seeing how such a community will react to being given an exclusive online space where they can discuss new products and trends, as well as stay informed with the latest inside scoops.”

Future endeavors that the two companies will accomplish together include a number of contests, exclusive product updates, and behind-the-scenes looks at national competitions and stylist shows, all of which are sure to excite the online community of professionals that Dannyco hopes to engage!

The launch of Dannyco’s new social media component is set for March 1st. Until then, we are sure that stylists across the nation will be looking forward to this date with much anticipation.