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What if we told you that a whopping 75% of online marketers are missing out on an opportunity to engage with nearly 50% of their users? Unfortunately, such is the case with email marketing.

A recent study put forth by MarketingProfs.com indicates that a staggering 41% of emails are read over mobile devices, and this number is expected to surpass 50% in 2013. What’s more, Forrester.com predicts that by 2017, 78% of email users in America will access their emails via mobile. And if you think that this growing trend is only applicable to the younger generation, you’re wrong. Emarketer.com predicts that this year, smartphone penetration amongst baby boomers will surpass 50%!

The conclusion? Responsive emails are a smart strategic decision to make for your online marketing plan. As consumers are exposed to an increasing amount of information every day, competition for their attention is fierce. If you’re not adapting your information to the device on which it is displayed, you’re out of the game.

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