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Have you reviewed your 2013 marketing assessment yet? We suggest taking a look before you start planning for 2014. Many of last year’s trends are coming back in full force this year! Here’s our list of the top 7 Web trends to start implementing for a successful new year:

1- Integrated Social Media Advertising

2013 saw the beginning of a more subtle kind of advertising. Sponsored posts now appear directly in our social media newsfeeds like organic content, a tactic that Facebook claims engages users up to 8 times more than regular ads. Twitter applied a similar method of monetizing their platform, and Pinterest is studying sponsored “pins”. Implementing this type of campaign strategy in 2014 is guaranteed to expand your online reach.

2- Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a crucial part of any successful Web strategy. The creation of various types of content, such as social contests, blog articles or social media interactions, is essential to gaining and keeping new customers. For example, regular updates on your blog will give you authority in your area of expertise, as well as increase the shareability and trustworthiness of your brand. In fact, a study conducted by the Custom Content Council showed that 60% of shoppers prefer companies that create unique content and are more likely to purchase from them.

3- Use Fully Integrated E-commerce Platforms

Businesses are progressively discovering the advantages of implementing better software solutions adapted to the needs of their e-commerce strategy. Powerful solutions, such as Magento Enterprise, provide an accessible and manageable backend that can easily be connected to your inventory system and can facilitate the implementation of security measures to prevent fraud. Our client Mackage is one of the many brands who’ve made the switch in 2013, and we expect that number to grow exponentially in the New Year.

4- Create an Intuitive & Easy User Experience

Because competition between online merchants is always fierce, optimizing your user experience is a key component to beating out your competitors. Simple tactics like opting for a one-click checkout, offering products based on purchasing history or sending personalized emails can have an explosive impact on the performance of your site. Since online competition is on the rise, we suggest implementing a newly optimized user experience strategy in 2014.

5-Responsive Emails & Websites

In 2013, the percentage of emails read on a mobile device surpassed 50%. This year, that number is supposed to rise exponentially as more and more users ditch their desktop computers in favour of tablets and smartphones. The means that adapting your website and email marketing tactics for mobile users could be the difference between remaining relevant or falling off the grid.

6-Declutter Your Website

In 2014, monochromatic or lightly coloured websites will become the norm. The design we did for iStore is a good example of what websites will look like in the future. The minimalist style makes the site easy to navigate on smaller devices like iPhones or Androids.

7-Use Pictures and Videos

With the sudden influx of purely visual social networks like Pinterest and Instagram, incorporating images into your content marketing plan is sound advice for 2014. Infographics have seen a rise in popularity over the past 2 years, and we expect their popularity and influence to continue to grow. Instagram has also added a video function to their platform, allowing brands to increase their engagement with fans through the use of 15-second short films.

We hope that this list offer you inspiration and innovation in your planning. If you would like to discuss any of these topics, don’t hesitate to contact us.