Objectives & Solutions


To show off their wide range of merchandise, Germain Larivière needed a flashy new website that paralleled their in-store charm. Le Site developed a completely new design aimed to improve user experience, making product categories more accessible. New navigation menu and homepage organization allow consumers to discover new and exciting appliances, furniture, decorations, linens and electronic products offered in stores. The modern, upscale site composition fits more with the aesthetic and brand Germain Larivière has put forth over the past 58 years.


With all in place for their sleek and modern design, Le Site began creating unique content specifically for Germain Larivière and its customers in mind. From the newly categorized navigation menu, users can research specific goods carried, or browse by product subsections. They also have the option to access tips and tricks about home care and appliances within the Germain Larivière blog. With such a compelling history behind the brand, users can also navigate through the timeline of the Montreal’s family business and see how the company has grown through a visually pleasing parallax bio page. Le Site also packed the site with gorgeous products and lifestyle photos, as well as videos to show off their stores as well as their latest inclusion to Resource Furniture showrooms.


Once the design and content development was in place, we began integration. Through UX expertise, design, copy, SEO and analytics, we set Germain Larivière up for online success. For the coming months, we will be collaborating and growing the reach and traffic of the site through performance marketing, eCRM and engaging newsletters for their customers. We will also work with Germain Larivière to introduce new functionalities to make this new website responsive and e-commerce. We believe that bringing Germain Larivière into the online shopping game will totally revolutionize their brand.