Objectives & Solutions

Improved User Experience

With its wide selection of products, Jean-Paul Fortin needed a strategic categorization and intuitive filtration system in order to make its site optimal for online shopping. As its new digital partner, our main goal was to improve the UX of its website and give its consumers a faster, more pleasurable shopping experience across a variety of devices.

The website we created for Jean-Paul Fortin gives users a refreshing new experience for online shopping. The new and improved filtration system for their wide variety of products allows users to find what they’re looking for in the least amount of clicks possible. Our new navigation system categorizes products by type and marketing division, such as “Best Sellers” or “Web Exclusives,” giving users access to all the latest launches or deals with one simple click.

Better Visibility

As a provider of luxury footwear and accessories, Jean-Paul Fortin caters to a specific audience of online shoppers. Our goal was to optimize its website to obtain better search rankings for people who looked for its products online, and to increase its overall visibility.

Our team of Content Strategists worked hand in hand with our SEO specialists to optimize this site for search engine rankings. We used relevant keywords strategically placed throughout the site, enabling us to ensure that Jean-Paul Fortin’s new online store ranks for each umbrella category, specific category and brand that it carries. A huge success!

Optimized Product Showcasing

With luxury items from top brands, we knew that Jean-Paul Fortin’s new online store would have to focus almost entirely on its products. We wanted a new layout that would showcase its designer brands, offer high-quality resolution for product visualization on any device, and give the brand a fresh, trendy look that matched its collection.

Finally, the cherry on top for this project is truly the clean, beautiful new design. The website features an uncluttered layout that is entirely responsive, guaranteeing a beautiful display on any device. Product images are at the forefront, giving users clear retina-display visuals of items they’d like to purchase. The fresh design is perfect for the Jean-Paul Fortin brand, a true leader of fashionable footwear.