Objectives & Solutions

Website Redesign

Kamik wanted a refreshed design that would accurately reflect their history of innovation and technological savviness, as well as their Northern heritage and the quality it conveys. We aimed to provide a new design that would be true to their values and unique to their brand, giving their users the same quality experience they would receive in stores.

The new Kamik website features a fresh design that truly corresponds to the brand’s heritage and values. Supported by large lifestyle images and beautiful product imagery, the design communicates both the functional and fashionable aspects of Kamik footwear.

Mobile Optimization

As a brand that is constantly ahead of the latest innovations, Kamik needed a website that would cater to a new generation of online shoppers. With mobile constantly on the rise, we aimed at creating a site that would display beautifully and function intuitively across a wide variety of devices.

The fully responsive layout ensures optimized browsing on mobile devices, catering to Kamik’s growing customer base and to their tech-savvy roots. Their enhanced product menu allows users to visualize products before they even make a click, giving them a sneak peek that facilitates browsing.

Optimized Product Pages

Because Kamik footwear is highly functional (in addition to fashionable), we needed to create product pages that would provide users with all of the information that could affect their purchasing decisions. Each new layout needed to deliver information in a concise and comprehensive manner, as well as display each product in beautiful detail.

Content about their products is displayed using a clever combination of large images and information in a variety of formats, such as a timeline, audio file or easy-to-use store locator. The new website is a comprehensive and representative catalog of products that demonstrates the brand’s transparence, recognition and pride, making it an indispensable marketing tool that matches its heritage.