About the Brand

Rousseau Metal is the leading North American designer and manufacturer of flexible and high-quality storage solutions. They offer modular units that can be placed anywhere in the house, from the garage to the playroom.


The Challenge

Rousseau products are famously modular and customizable and are used everywhere from small garages to major industrial sites. But Rousseau Metal’s clients were dealing with a confusing eCommerce website which was extremely hard to maintain. Their biggest challenge was to build a feature-driven website that would stand the test of time. To tackle this, Rousseau Metal looked for a robust digital partner to create an all-new B2B eCommerce platform. Magento was the perfect fit.


CX Design

Magento Development

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Solution Design & Architecture


Adobe Commerce Cloud

Winner of the Magento Excellence Award for Best B2B Experience

Pageviews (YoY)
Mobile Visitors (YoY)
Bay Design Forms Completed (YoY)

The Solution

Le Site conducted a rigorous analysis to craft a clear set of requirements, wireframes, and plan of action. A custom module was developed, allowing clients to make quote requests via an online form, making the sales process easier. Those requests are automatically sent to Rousseau Metal’s ERP system for fast follow-up.

Next, they wanted to allow their customers to design their own work centers. Le Site team created a Bay-Design configurator to allow clients to customize their technicians’ bay by customizing colours and adding accessories. Once the design is complete, customers get a full list of SKUs for all bay components for easy quote submission.

Rousseau Metal

A totally customizable B2B eCommerce customer experience

Custom quote requests module directly connected to their ERP system
Bay-Design personalization tool allowing clients to customize their technicians’ bay
Full control over their website content
Full control over their large product catalog ( thousands of skus)

A customization tool that goes a long way

The intuitive and modern take on the Bay Design tool enabled Rousseau Metal to differentiate itself from the competition, by highlighting the ease-of-use of its modular product line. The tool is now used daily by both internal and external stakeholders, resulting in a 227 percent increase in completed Bay Design quote requests. It also won Rousseau Metal the prestigious Magento Excellence Award for Best B2B Experience at the Imagine Conference.

Bay Design Product Configurator