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Meet Ivan Chepurnyi (@IvanChepurnyi), Magento Guru.

We invited Ivan all the way from the Netherlands, so he could share his most valuable Magento 2 insights with our front end and back end teams. This celebrated e-commerce expert travels the world to change the way companies sell online and Le Site teams are very proud to train with Ivan for one entire week!

Here are 5 things everyone should know about this e-commerce evangelist:

1. He worked as a Magento Core developer in early 2007


Over the course of four years, Ivan helped develop high-level Magento customizations and train teams of developers.

2. His technical resume is jaw-dropping


He’s fluent in OOA, OOD, LAMP Development (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Flex, Flash (AS 3) and Adobe AIR. And he’s familiar with writing applications for the Red5 multimedia server.

3. He trains companies to maximize Magento

ADR_MMNY2014_089 (2)

Working with EcomDev, Ivan helps large e-commerce websites overcome their scalability issues and sell products in a flash.

4. He’s a world-renowned speaker

Meet Magento Association Meet Magento Events
From Mage Titans in Manchester to Meet Magento in New York, Ivan is considered to be a Magento pioneer who’s always willing to share his passion.

5. He’s spending one week at Le Site!

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Stay tuned for a second article on Magento 2 insights!